Eventsourcing to the Cloud
  Adam Haines   Adam Haines
Data Architect


Wednesday, October 10, 2018
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Level:  Intermediate

More progressive data architecture patterns, like event sourcing, help businesses address new challenges that occur when migrating to the cloud - challenges like eventual consistency, legacy service dependencies, elastic scale, and unreliable networking, to name a few. Event Sourcing is a data architecture pattern that changes the paradigm of data storage by storing data as a sequence of domain state changes. In essence, data is stored like a log that services can consume.

At HomeAway, we have been able to migrate services to the cloud very quickly that were blocked, for months, by dependent services. These experiences can now take full advantage of data locality and elastic scale. Additionally, the data has been democratized in the cloud, so new experiences can leverage that data for near real-time data loops and reactive streams.

This presentation will cover how leveraging the event sourcing pattern has accelerated HomeAway initiatives, our learnings, and recommended practices.

  • Break free of legacy dependencies.
  • Democratize data.
  • Use event sourcing to feed new cloud experiences.
  • Position your company for strangling legacy services.

Adam Haines is a Data Architect for the Data Engineering Services team at HomeAway. Adam provides leadership, mentoring, and technical direction for delivering highly elastic, secure, and scalable big data platform solutions, in both AWS and in the data center. Adam’s primary responsibilities encompass evaluating and rolling out scalable data platform, evaluating new technology, mentoring and training, establishing data architecture patterns that help accelerate HomeAway’s initiatives, and architecting innovative tools that help accelerate cloud adoption.

Adam has spent his career managing, architecting, and meeting the growing demands of delivering big data fast. Prior to joining HomeAway, Adam spent his efforts building scalable data platform solutions in both the public and private sector. Adam has a varying number of data platform certifications, including Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and DataStax Certified Professional.